Getting to Marrakech from the airport: taxi, shuttle and public transport

Marrakech-Menara Airport (RAK) is located approximately 4 km from the city center. Did you know ? The Red City airport was voted the most beautiful airport in the world in 2017 by the Skyteam alliance, architecture fans will enjoy walking there. There you will find some services and numerous transports to reach the tourist capital:


marrakech airport
marrakech airport

Exchange offices

There are many exchange offices at Marrakech airport but we advise you not to use their services. In fact, the exchange rate is much less attractive there than in the city. Don't worry, you will find many exchange offices in Marrakech, at reasonable rates.

Car rental companies

If you are planning a road trip to Morocco, then you will need to collect your vehicle at Marrakech airport. Simple and quick solution, from local and international rental companies.

Telephone operators

In Marrakech, and throughout Morocco, it is very likely that your French telephone operator offers exorbitant prices for the destination... There is in fact no agreement between the operators of the 2 countries. We therefore advise you to plan to purchase a SIM card for your stay in Marrakech. You will find a Telecom and Inwi agency in Marrakech airport, as well as a kiosk selling SIM cards.

Coming by taxi from Marrakech airport to the Medina

Taxis do not meter between the airport and your place of arrival in Marrakech. Don't be afraid of this, the prices are in fact regulated and a sign at the start of the taxi line tells you the official prices of the taxi ride. You should pay between 70 and 100 Dh during the day (between 6 and 10€ depending on the Medina district) and between 100 and 150 Dh from evening until early morning (between 10 and 15€). In practice, it happens that taxis inflate prices, and you won't be able to do much about it... Don't hesitate to ask other tourists in the queue to share the taxi with you to the Medina, the grand taxis can accommodate more passengers for almost the same price.

Coming by shuttle from Marrakech airport to the city center

This is the simplest solution, but not necessarily the least expensive. The shuttle from the airport to Marrakech city center will cost you around €9 per person. Your driver will wait for you in the arrival hall, your name indicated on a sign. He will accompany you to your hotel or riad and help you carry your luggage. It’s all the more practical if your accommodation is hidden in the maze of the Marrakech medina. This will help you avoid wasting time looking for your hotel, sometimes after dark, which can be a real headache. In addition, the shuttle to Marrakech airport can be booked in advance (and in euros!), which saves you from having to change your money at Marrakech airport, with its disadvantageous rate...